Dr. Sarah Enterline Roch joins Mission & Data as Institutional Research Consultant

Sarah Enterline RochSarah Enterline Roch joins Mission & Data
Sarah Enterline Roch, PhD will be joining Mission & Data part-time as an Institutional Research Consultant, adding to the strength of the firm’s industry-leading data team.
Mission & Data logo. Mission & Data co-founded by Ari Betof and Kelsey Vrooman.
  • Consulting to improve organizational effectiveness and facilitate organizational transformation.
  • Developing custom data products, visualizations, and dashboards to highlight progress, identify trends, and leverage actionable insights.
  • Auditing current practices and analyzing organizational data to recommend process efficiencies and strategic improvements.
  • Coaching leaders and boards of trustees to enact institutional vision and build a culture of inquiry-based decision making practices.



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Ari Betof

Ari Betof


Co-Founder and Partner at Mission & Data; Husband; Father; Son