Emerging Markets Institute’s Focus on Research

President of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, LLC, Dr. Ari Betof assists private sector companies, independent schools and universities with financial stewardship and sustainability. In addition to managing his own business, Dr. Ari Betof is also working toward earning an MBA from Cornell’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management and is an Emerging Markets Institute Fellow.

The Emerging Markets Institute program at Cornell focuses on the role of emerging markets and multinationals in shaping the global economy. Focused on thought leadership, this program draws together preeminent practitioners and academics from around the globe to educate students. The Institute also has an objective toward forwarding research in this area.

The Institute is currently working on two research studies that focus on emerging markets. The first research study is the Emerging Multinationals Research Network (EMRN). This is a partnership among Tec de Monterrey (Mexico), UniAndes (Colombia), and USP (Brazil).

The other study is a comparative analysis of transnational companies in Latin America and China. This one-year research project is a collaboration among the Center for China-Latin America Management Studies, School of Economics and Management, and other organizations.

Co-Founder and Partner at Mission & Data; Chief Advancement Officer at Minerva Institute for Research and Scholarship